Beginner’s Guide to Modding Skyrim – Part 1 : The Basics

If you are a complete beginner with regards to modding Skyrim, this video series will help you get started, show you how to install a lot of mods, and give you the knowledge and confidence to continue to mod your game to its limits.

In this video I show you the very basics you need to know to mod Skyrim safely and easily.

1. Introduction (0:00)
2. The Basics (1:10)
3. Installing our first mod (6:06)
4. Running NMM in Administrator mode (13:51)
5. Downloading a mod manually and installing with NMM (16:05)
6. Downloading multiple mods at the same time (21:22)
7. What we have learned in this video (22:40)
8. Things to do before watching part 2 (23:35)