Weapon Mods Expanded

Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX) for Fallout New Vegas expands upon the base game’s weapon modding system in the following ways:

  • ALL weapons get the maximum of three applicable weapon mods; this includes unique weapons.
  • Unique weapons can be modified with the same weapon mods as their common counterparts.
  • Some existing weapon mods (from the base game) are newly applied to weapons besides their defaults…
  • But many more are weapon mods newly added by WMX.
  • Some weapon mods can be applied to multiple different weapons.
  • New crafting possibilities for the more low-tech weapon mods (mainly melee weapon mods).
  • Some unique weapons without a common counterpart (for example That Gun and This Machine) receive one.
  • New and altered art assets to visually depict most of the new weapon mods.
  • Chance to find weapon mods in loot.
  • More weapon mods available from merchants (to compensate for more types being available).
  • WMX also contains numerous fixes for visual bugs in weapon meshes and textures.


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